AFCOE On The Road

What is AFCOE On The Road?

AFCOE On The Road is when the Amazing Facts India team takes their preaching, teaching, healing, and publishing work to your area. You can invite them for one of the following events:

Evangelism Training- This event can be for Church Leaders, Pastors, and Church members. It is designed to teach the trainees the unique message we bear as Seventh Day Adventist in the last moments of history and how to share that message. This training can last at minimal three days and upto seven days.

Week of Prayer- You can invite one of our speakers for a Reviving  week in your church.

Camp Meeting- This can be scheduled as a full Amazing Facts Camp Meeting or invite one of our speakers to your camp meeting.

Prophecy Seminar- Invite one of our speakers to take the audience through a journey of Bible Prophecy. This event is designed to take place after  ground work has been done in the area. The schedule can be for one week upto one month.

Medical Missionary Training- Every member is called to be a medical missionary. Invite our team to teach the real meaning and practical work of medical missionary work. This event can last from three days to one week.

Health Seminar- Invite our team to conduct health camps or give health lectures that brings the minds of the people to understand our dependance on the Creator of the universe.

Webinars- Although the team stays at home base, this event is to take our work from AFACTS classroom into your home through the internet. Classes will later be announced on our website.

Our team can speak or have translators in the following languages:

English, Hindi, Nepali,Assamese, Tamil, and Telugu

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